Making it matter!

A recent interview with Give It Mouth. 

Give It Mouth is a platform dedicated to spreading the ideas of those making a difference. They subscribe to the (kinda radical) philosophy that creative thinkers can balance artfulness and commercial reality. And give it a voice. Or as they put it; give it mouth. 

In the course of our interview, Dr Naomi Skeletonburg examined the phycology behind the process and uncovered some surprising parallels between my crashing a paraglider into a forest and life as a creative. 

“Tell us your name! … once more … give it mouth!” 
Charles Dickens, Great Expectations.


A webzine from Brazil. A translation from journalist Mylena Fontes is: The Australian artist Matthew Quick works mainly with classic painting, using very well the oil on canvas technique. Matthew plays with the image and aesthetic of classical sculptures. In this series he exposes a super contemporary theme with humor and criticism, where the statues are "victims" of an anachronism, a chronological inconsistency.