2012, Oil on Italian Linen, 100 x 100cm

Finalist & Highly Commended - Calleen Art Award 2012

Tenacity has positive and negative connotations. If successful, the tenacious are praised for their pluck and determination. If unsuccessful, they risk the accusation of stubbornness. At a personal level, heartwarming stories of individuals whom triumph over the odds become the stuff of legend, fodder for movies and self-help manuals. In politics, the consequences can be altogether more tragic, as with the both Bush & Reagan Presidencies, who frequently invoked the nautical metaphor “stay the course” to maintaining their unwavering military agendas irrespective of many logical or humanitarian considerations.

Pure is a series which explores humanity in an unconventional way. While the clouds provide each painting with a grounding in reality, their main purpose is to create atmosphere and provide a backdrop against which foreground dramas unfold. Here the titles are as important as the paintings themselves, revealing these are more than just skies, but rather, metaphors for specific personality characteristics. Upon the combination of title and image, deeper meanings emerge, triggering the opening chapters to an endless array of stories the viewer is invited to create.