2009, Oil on Linen, 152 x 152cm

The Industrial Revolution has led to a standard of living that could have not have been foreseen when it began some 150 years ago. Today, mankind enjoys life-spans, lifestyles and freedoms previously available only to royalty and despots. Yet amongst the improvements have come some extraordinary acts of indulgence. Perhaps best typifying such excesses is the family spa, heated during winter and used rarely; for most, it is more a trophy than an appliance. And there will be a price to be paid for such hedonism. This mad scramble towards industrialisation is powered by the chimneys and dark satanic mills now carpeting the developing world. Like bacteria in a Petri dish which multiply until it is overwhelmed by its own waste, will we all end up swimming in our own filth? Will future generations the world over bear the consequences of the prosperity enjoyed by a privileged minority, fortunate enough to be born in the West during this brief Age of Indulgence?