2008, Oil on Linen, 100 x 100cm

Finalist, 2008 Mortimore Art Prize     
Finalist, 2009 Eutick Memorial Still LIfe Award

Ok, so wrapping paper is a cliché, I know. But it is a familiarity trigger from which unexpected narratives depart.

When coupled with the sky, the notion of anticipation takes on multiple meanings. It can become a commentary on the environmental toll wrought by the desire for consumer products, represented by wrapped goods (the work actually continues around the edges in a play on form and surface, transforming the image from a flat representation into a three dimensional box).

There is the further allusion to presumptuous belief that mankind can contain and control, box if you will, the environment. And then there is simply the artist, with tongue firmly in cheek, wondering if anyone is really so anticipating his next work?