2011, Oil on Linen, 100 x 200cm

Since the 70s OPEC has effectively determined the quantity and price of oil. According to OPEC’s’ statutes, their objectives are to safeguard its members’ interests: that is, to sell oil for the highest price possible.

Essentially, this is price fixing.

Were it a normal business, the host nation might be compelled to prosecute OPEC as a monopolistic cartel. If they dared. But OPEC is multi-nation cartel backed by the member nation governments. And they have the power to turn off the tap. This fear originated during the ‘73 oil crisis. And it changed the world; revealing the developed economies fragile dependence on a resource whose supply and cost had hitherto been taken for granted. The recent oil wars in Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Libya are a testament to these on-going fears.

Against this monumental landscape, the painting references the collusion of a circular boardroom table as well as the obvious Stonehenge comparison – with all the attendant mythology, ignorance and speculation.